Toronto 2015

June 13: DAY JA-VU Premium Outdoor Food & Drinks Event



After months of planning, prep and promotions, I would humbly like to thank everyone for coming out to ‪#‎DayJaVu2015‬. Weather was terrible all week but the sun came out to party. All I could really do was provide the space, and you definitely brought the vibes! The event could not have been a success with you! It brings me great sense of accomplishment when I saw smiles on everyones face, enjoying the ambiance and jamming outdoors in the DAY.

Thank you to everyone who helped out behind the scenes. To the DJs for rocking the party. To Photo Corner for the awesome photobooth. For those who didn’t come or had no interest in my promotional posts, thank you for putting up with my antics for the past few months.

I hope everyone enjoyed the souvenir cups, wristbands, keychains, cotton candy and “special” snow cones. I look forward to doing it again in the DAY next year.

Next up we’re celebrating Craig Chung’s birthday at the 2nd annual OASIS Rooftop Cooler Party.
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